About Porta-Paku


Porta-Paku was established in 2019 in the small town of Ruatōrea. We were created to bring affordable prices to the rural communities on the East Coast.

When the commercial companies in the big towns charged over the top prices to the smaller regions, we came on the scene to even the playing field and provide equality to rural New Zealand.

Starting off in Ruatōrea, we have our eyes on the regions of New Zealand that everyone else has forgotten about.
Watch this space!

We are Maori owned and operated with a huge focus on employing our own whanau in our smaller communities. We are keen to keep employment going in the small town’s of NZ.

We also have a hard case sense of humor and we are having a field day with the amount of puns and jokes which sheds some light on what some would say was a “stink job”.

Porta-Paku, we’re the sucker, for your kaka.

Porta-Paku Specifications

Standard Porta-Paku Drop tank version

This is our standard version of Porta-Paku which is the basic drop tank model. It is as solid as a brick shit house and durable enough for any of your event or party hire needs. Easily mobilized and great to handle around different locations on the coast.

Premium Porta-Paku Flushing unit

Standard drop tank Technical specifications

Height: 218cm

Width: 108cm

Depth: 108cm

Door Opening: 62cm

Floor Space: 104cm x 50cm

Holding Tank Capacity: 220L

Empty Weight: 82kg

Standard Features:
– Urinal
– Jumbo toilet roll dispenser
– Hand sanitizer available

Premium Flushing features:
– Hand basin
– Foot pump flushing pump
– Foot pump hand basin wash
– Trailer mounted